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Top Tips Of Decorating With Rugs – A Complete Guide

Why choose rugs for home decorating

The rug matching with the furniture just like the clothing matching with other. Home always means more than anything to people. Furniture reflect people’s exterior, while rugs and some home decors reflect people’s heart, a real state of mind.

People will eventually unload all the masks to show their most selfhood at home. We choose soft decorations such as rugs based on our personal preferences.

Because what we pursue is comfort and beauty The rug is a family accessory, but it is the finishing touch to a painting at home

How to choose rugs

Rugs are favored by more and more families because of their excellent warmth, sound insulation, foot comfort, and decoration. But there is also a lot of knowledge we need to know.

Size selection

The rug specifications and dimensions should match with the function of the room. Usually, bedroom furnishings are relatively simple, can be decorated with full carpet. The dining room uses the rug which can cover 9SQM. Usually chairs are placed under the table, carpet should big enough when chairs are pulled out. When choosing a full carpet, we should consider the loss of cutting and splicing. If carpets are laid on stairs, the number of carpets should be multiplied by 1.52 coefficient on the basis of the area of stairs, that is, the area of carpets.

Texture selection

Texture selection: No matter what kind of rug is chosen, excellent rug should have no damage, no stain, no wrinkle, no obvious color difference, strip and repair marks, and no bending of blanket edge. When choosing fiber rug, we should look at its back. The back of the rug should not take off the lining and not penetrate glue


Wool rug:  Wool rug has good soft feel, good elasticity, beautiful pattern, bright color, thick texture, good anti-static performance, not easy to aging, non-fading and other characteristics. It is a high-grade ground decoration material, but also the main material of ground decoration in high-grade decoration. New Zealand wool is the best. However, wool rug has poor bacteria resistance, insect resistance and moisture resistance, and is expensive. It is mostly used in living rooms and bedrooms of high-level villas.

Mixed fabric rug: Mixed fabric rug has little difference from pure wool rug in pattern, color, texture and handle, but it has Insect-resistant, non-corrosive, non-mildew shortcomings. At the same time, it improves the abrasive resistance. Widely used in high-grade home decoration. It has become the first choice of rug.

Fiber rug: Fiber rug, also known as synthetic fiber rug, is made of fibers such as polyamide (nylon fiber), polypropylene (polypropylene fiber), acrylic (polyethylene wax fiber), polyester (polyester fiber) as raw materials, which are processed into fiber surface layer by tufting or woven method, and then sewed into rug with linen bottom. Its texture and visual sense are similar to wool, wear-resistant and elastic, bright colors and rich patterns are similar to wool rug. It has the characteristics of flame-proof, pollution-proof and moth-proof. It is easy to clean and maintain and is increasingly widely used in general household decoration.

How to match rug with the environment

Rug-covered areas are often soft places at home, but also an important point to enhance the quality of residents. Choosing a suitable Rug really need to take some time, not only to consider the different functions of each room but also to match the style of home decoration, at the same time, the color and pattern of Rug are also to be considered.

Matching with Rooms, Follow the principle of color first. Through the analysis of color in the living room, choose the appropriate Rug color. There is a simple method: choose the main colors in the living room as the color elements of Rugs.It is simple and accurate. Then the next step is to determine the pattern and style. This often determines the trend of the whole living style – modern or classical; native or foreign; fashionable or classical. Of cours

According to the position of Rug If the Rug is placed in the doorway, it is better to put a small size Rug or foot mat, Fiber Rug would be first choice. And the Rug will cover larger space in the living room, a thick, wear-resistant Rug would be better. A slightly larger rug is advised to put under sofa to create a uniform effect. If the living room is not large, the Rug which is slightly larger than the tea table should be chosen. If placed in the bedroom, the texture of Rug is very important to create a warm atmosphere for the environment. On the market, there are some Rugs with long plush, colored Rugs designed for bedrooms, which are both warm and romantic in the home.

According to the style of Rug

  • 1. The Rug has a single color and usually no border decoration. It is more suitable for the modern style rooms, create a kind of calm room atmosphere.
  • 2 The rugs are decorated with large flowers and vines and weeds, creating a sense of uniformity without beginning or end. It is suitable for living room with spacious and complex space .
  • 3 Array Rugs are mainly geometric patterns which are distributed in a certain geometric network. It is suitable for the fashionable home.At present, matching with the classical room has gradually become a new trend of collocation.
  • 4 Classical Rug-The traditional Rug design of various cultural backgrounds follow the principle of central divergent composition. The geometric center position of Rug is often chosen as the key decorative pattern, and then the edge position is trimmed.Because of its complicated design, rich color, it is mostly used as tapestry to decorate the wall.

According to the Theme

  • 1. Modern: It is suggested to choose black, white or a combination of the two colors, which are better suited to the modern and clean lines at home. The Rug with a little brightness will have 3D effect, and bring a luxury feeling.
  • 2. Contemporary: Rugs can be selected according to furniture and room decoration in modern themed homes. This theme of home decoration lines are neat, not outdated. It is suggested to choose Rug according to furniture and room furnishings.
  • 3. Rustic: Dark brown, gold and black rug will be suitable for this theme. Adding a leather Rug is a good idea.Zebra leather Rug can create a Safari style. Brown, peach, earthy series of colors are easy to create a modern holiday style living room.
  • 4. Resort: The series of brown, peach and earthy colors are quite suitable for this theme.More and more people use long-wool Rugs to create modern vacation style living rooms.
  • 5. Hotel/Luxury: A thicker Rug with wool and polyester is recommended to increase the overall sense of luxury

Colour schemes

  • Dark color means dignified and abstruse, which can stimulate a sense of distance and space.
  • Light colors are peaceful and comfortable, which can make the room brighter and cleaner.
  • Cool colors create a calm and wise atmosphere, while warm colors are intimate and warm.
  • Multiple colors can make places lively and happy ; a single color is more suitable for quiet and formal place.

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